December Saints by mary elizabeth

This past Monday was the feast of Saint Sabas.  He spent his life just pretty much wanting to be alone and never quite pulling it off.  A bunch of the faithful even followed him out to his hermit cave wanting to be hermits with him.  Although denying him his solitude and obviously missing the point, the presence of these supplicants credits our saint with founding the oldest monastery on the planet.  And much more popular and well known – this past Tuesday was the feast of Saint Nicholas.  Hailing from Smyrna, he was a friendly bishop who once tossed some gold coins down the chimney of a family in need.  And the rest, as they say, is…well…”history”.  I wonder what he’d think about all the kooky customs that have evolved since that act of kindness.  I wonder what the present day bishop of Smyrna thinks, for that matter.   I think we may have strayed a bit off track.  But then again, the holidays do bring us together and I guess that’s a good thing whether or not we feel compelled to decorate like crazy and spend money we don’t really have on gifts for people who may or may not be in need.

As I’ve said before, if it weren’t for the holidays I might not ever see my family at all.  Like Saint Sabas, I think I’d rather be alone.  But of course I won’t be and though I’m 99.9% sure my family and I won’t be credited with starting a monastery, I’m equally sure I won’t regret so much as one minute I spend with the people I love this holiday season.


3 thoughts on “December Saints by mary elizabeth

  1. Oh how I love to read your thoughts Mary Elizabeth! ONE comment today: Whenever you feel like you THINK you would rather be alone than with family for the holidays, remember us folks that LONG and BEG to be with their remaining family, year after hurtful year, only to be ignored or denied. As if there are so many more years for us to “make-up in the future” – count each one spent with your family a treasure, as I know you certainly do. Life is short.
    Please give my sincere love to Georgey boy, and do me, Mark, and Tami a big favor this year- force that boy to CALL US or give up his elusive phone #!!! LOL
    I love you Mary!!!!

  2. […] think I finally have my holiday plans in order, and more importantly, I feel good about them, too.  For whatever reason, I allow myself […]

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