Water Witch by mary elizabeth

So – is this a global problem, or just a local one? Our water bill was a twitch over a hundred dollars this month. A HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! Does that seem reasonable? It’s not like it’s distilled or flavored or anything. We don’t have a hot tub or a fountain or even a garden. We just wash ourselves and our dishes. This bill also covers our participation in the city sewer system which I’m not quite ready to opt out of yet, but this last bill does make me wonder if I shouldn’t cost out monthly portapotty rates, just in case. Expenses just keep growing more quickly than cash. I’m not sure we actually have a hundred dollars to spend on this each month but what’s the alternative?

There isn’t one as far as the city water department is concerned, meaning it’s us who need to figure something out on our side. A part time job for poor old Mary Elizabeth? Monthly yard sales? I just don’t know. Do I really want to work weekends just so I can continue to flush my toilet? How long do you think they’d let me keep the job I do have if I cut back to bi-weekly showers? It’s a puzzle, but one I feel like I’ve already done. We just keep cutting back and cutting back further. Thank goodness I’m such a whiz at smiling in the face of adversity. Maybe I should write a gratitude list and start it off with “clean water” and “indoor plumbing”. Maybe I should Google some people and places where these things can’t even be bought. Maybe I should dig a well.  I’ll let you know how it goes…


One thought on “Water Witch by mary elizabeth

  1. Brett says:

    …yeah. you got it right. Mechericker (sp) is $1.25 for 15 minns. The man is mean…!”

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