Wake Up by mary elizabeth

Do you know what I hate? When you watch a really scary movie and then in the end the whole thing turns out to be someone’s psychotic episode. It just bugs me. I want the weird freaky stuff to be real. I want everything to be real, actually – magic, ghosts, talking dogs – all of it. And not just in movies. I want my wishes granted and my mistakes to be the fault of sinister occultish forces. I don’t want to be responsible for my own reality.

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears, which is annoying because it turns everyone you ever dealt with into teachers with difficult lessons you were finally ready to learn. Yuck.  Just once, I’d like to be the teacher and actually know it at the time and teach some people some lessons! Just kidding – plenty of my teachers have taught me humility and, paradoxically, that you can’t really teach anybody anything. Except yourself. That’s just how life is – one long last five minutes of The Wizard of Oz, where you learn that the power was really yours all along. And then you wake up.


4 thoughts on “Wake Up by mary elizabeth

  1. Love it love it love it and you, dearest Mary Eliz! And you are a teacher. Why just the other day when I was having a horrible day you mentioned that I was at least partially responsible for creating my reality, and I know that of course, but your mentioning it both bugged me and made an impression. Drat! I had to think about it, and fess up to my complicity in my own (blessedly temporary) misery, which included flies.

    So look how much better I am doing so far this week …and at least some of this can be attributed to your fine teachings…not to mention your most excellent video adventures! And those lovely ruby slippers I saw on your feet. Or was that a dream?

    • well – i’m glad i could be a teacher – even if it was a bit annoying. don’t let me forget to remind us all how lucky we are to spend our whole paychecks on bills again this wednesday, either! thanks so much for reading and watching and everything and being a constant teacher and touchstone. and yes – you’re doing great this week. is that the can can i hear?

  2. Kathleen Fain says:

    Funny, I was just at a children’s book concert this weekend where Bruce Coville,a children’s book author spoke,(He writes about magic and fantasy BTW) He said that he loved The movie Wizard of Oz but he always thought the ending sucked because they made it seem like Dorothy’s adventure had been a dream. He thought a better ending would have been that she look down at her feet and she is wearing the ruby slippers. I agree, reality seems to be without magic, but is it? I hope there’s a little around hiding in the crevices. Oh and you are a teacher. You teach me how to get through the hard stuff by using humor. That is a very valuable thing to learn.Thank you for that!

    • you are most totally welcome. and i’m sure there’s more magic around than we notice. we just have to a) look harder and b) remember not to try to be in charge of everything ourselves. neither’s easy in this chaotic life. thanks for reading, kathe!

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