Visitation by mary elizabeth

Last week I found mouse poop on my desk. This was kind of a surprise, as we thought the office mouse was gone due to an unfortunate incident in an uncovered outlet. Anyhow – apparently not. It got me wondering, “why my desk?” and a co-worker suggested I look up what mice symbolize – that maybe the mouse was there just for me. So I did and among other things (like “timidity” which is an obvious kindred spirit sort of thing but so obvious it hardly warrants a visit), mice represent the little problems that “nibble away at us and deplete our psychological resources”.  Dang it! I haven’t got a lot of those, so I thought about it and decided to try to really and completely let go of the little things that have been nibbling away at me.

As I grow as a sober woman and try to follow a spiritual path, I find I have more freedom to choose what is and isn’t in my life, my house and my day. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still choose to enjoy the occasional, indulgent wallow in obsessive doubt and worry.  I can really get myself into an exhausted knot. I wish I could just let go of these things right away and not be so frantic about them and try and treasure what little serenity I can find. But I don’t. I need constant reminding. So – thanks, little messenger, for making me mindful of my psychological resources and the fact that I shouldn’t be wasting them. And p.s. – watch the outlets.


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