I’m Okay, You’re Okay by mary elizabeth

Do you know what makes me laugh every time I hear it? This: There’s only two things I can’t stand – people intolerant of other people’s cultures and nazis. It puts the whole notion of tolerance into perspective. I belong to a group who’s code is love and tolerance of others. That is one tough code to crack. I’m all good with loving my neighbor – it’s so abstract and removed from day to day life. But tolerance? Accept people and their behavior?  Not so easy, unless you include the people in my life who I just barely tolerate and I don’t think that’s what it means. The goal is to make room in your heart for all people and their choices.

The trick is to have love and tolerance for yourself. It really is. This notion of having to love yourself before you can really love anyone else is one I’ve been hearing since second grade CCD and have thought was probably monkeyshine ever since. But I’m starting to actually believe it.  Historically, I don’t give myself a break for anything. I’m intolerant of people who say they love me because of their obviously poor judgement. I expect myself to be better than everyone else in the world at everything. I’m way more loving and tolerant of nazis. At least I used to be. I’m getting better. And I’ve actually found that the more I can give myself a break and appreciate who I really am, the more I love the people in my life. And – I’m even a little more tolerant of others. I may be close to cracking the code!


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