Show Me the Money by mary elizabeth

I went to a class on vision boarding this afternoon. So much more pleasant than water boarding. Anyhow – I’ve been pretty overwhelmed by money troubles lately. Like, the I’m-going-to throw-up-if-I-think about-this-for-one-more-second kind of trouble, so I cut out some words like “cash” and “money” and “rich”. But when I started to make my board it just went in another direction. When I was all done, I realized none of those words made it on there and I felt a moment of panic. Oh no! Why’d I forget to put money in my vision? See – this is why you never have any cash, Mary Elizabeth! You can’t focus long enough to even paste the word on a piece of paper! Oh well – lots of great things are on my vision board and the class was great – empowering even. And a friend suggested I put the cut out word “cash” in my wallet. Perfect!

If we pay attention to the law of attraction at all, we know we shouldn’t worry about stuff because that’ll just bring it on. Not so easy. And – we can bring in the good stuff by thinking about it. Okay – but good stuff isn’t just going to come by wishing and bad stuff isn’t going to go away just by putting it out of our minds. We have to act. Rats. But I do believe that our actions towards what we really want will get easier if we focus on the results and the fact that we deserve them. And in the mean time, at least I’ve got “cash” in my wallet.


6 thoughts on “Show Me the Money by mary elizabeth

  1. gorgeous visual there

  2. malificent Funderbuck says:

    Good for you! I LOVE to vision board. Cutting stuff out of magazines and gluing them onto poster board is very relaxing. Does it help? Well, in those moments that you are taking time to slow down, look at a magazine, possibly read an article you missed before, you are relaxed and happy. That’s gotta be worth something. And it is fun to think about the things that you want. I spend a lot of time in a fantasy world anyway, so daydreaming comes pretty easy to me. A little advice to help with you money situation. Get yourself the board game Pay Day. Remember it from the 70’s? Well, set aside a couple of hours to play it. Seems like a long time but in that time you can amass huge wealth. The game is set up so that the longer you play, the more you end up with. It’s such a great feeling to have all of those funds spread out in front of you and to be able to “buy” whatever you want. When you get “bills” in the mail you can just say “No biggy, I can totally pay for that”. It helps you think positively about money for a little while.

  3. great post Mary Elizabeth…Your life is full of riches and piles of cash. I used to love those Donald Duck comics where Uncle Scrooge would dive into a swimming pool full of gold coins!

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