Roll With It by mary elizabeth

This weekend didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. Not even close. It was a regular drill in disappointment and flexibility. Without listing off a bunch of personal details about our lives, let’s just sum it up with trips to the E.R., cancelled surprise parties, and abrupt changes in plans. Life tends to take us places where we hadn’t planned to be at all. I tend to plan on things being pretty much, you know,  the way I planned. This divergence between expectations and reality can really be a pain. I wish I were the kind of person who just rolls out of bed in the morning ready for anything the universe has to offer, but I’m not. And, really, who is? Okay – I want you all to rate yourselves. How’s your reaction to life’s unexpected turns: excellent, fair, or with tears of anger? If you said “excellent” you’re either lying or live in a converted school bus. But, I think I can honestly say “fair” at this point in my life. I’m pretty proud of myself, actually. It’s taken an ocean of tears to get here. Anyhow,  as a reward, I’m going to try not to make any plans for next weekend at all. I’m just going to let things unfold naturally and enjoy whatever comes my way. Sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? I’ll let you know how it goes.


8 thoughts on “Roll With It by mary elizabeth

  1. malificent Funderbuck says:

    So sorry things didn’t pan out. I have always felt you handle life’s little “surprises” quite well. Laugh through the tears and all of that crap. By the way, I am holding a party this weekend and would love for you to come. Do you already have plans? I am easy to find; just look for the converted school bus parked in the Jug Handle parking lot.

  2. baby stacy says:

    I have repeatedly, foolishly, doused myself in kerosene and set my soul ablaze, in the hope of preventing life’s obvious lessons from being burned into my psyche. However, there are two things I HAVE learned and know to be true. Number one…we cannot control ANYTHING but our own decisions. Number two…if you believe anything to the contrary your efforts are futile and disappointment will abound. The only thing I can even try to plan is my next breath. Thankfully that is achieved without ANY thought and, graciously will someday also come to an end. I’m not sure who or what is in control but she definitely has a sense of humor and that alone is enough for me. Just roll with Her. Letting go of total responsibility of everything in your reality is the first step….to endless possibilities. (Whew…now go forth Grasshopper. Love you.)

    • love you too, wise one! it’s so true and so annoying that the only thing upon which we can rely in life is stupid old change. oh well – at least it’s something. and yes – She’s hilarious!

  3. congratulations on your beautiful new blog. I know your weekend was difficult and I am grateful that you are willing to share your thoughts with us on the sometimes bumpy highway of life.

  4. wesleeduncan says:

    Awwweee sweet sexy baby… I’m sooooo super sorry things went the way they did this weekend… hopefully and with any luck this weekend will be wayyyyy better. I of course can honestly rate myself as “EXCELLENT” 😉 HA.. NOT!!! How about poor at handling unexpected turns I don’t want. One thing I’m sure of is that I’m super glad you are part of my life sweet baby.

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