Ouch by mary elizabeth

Sometimes things hurt too much to even joke about. But god knows I try. I can’t remember any hurts I’ve let myself experience without turning them into comedy material before the tears were dry on my face. I bet my kids resent the heck out of it. If every thing’s a joke before it’s had time to be, well, a thing, the playing field is pretty even and being trapped behind a stupid person in the grocery checkout line is given the same treatment as moving out of their father’s house. Whatever. I’m sure they resent me when I make them talk about uncomfortable subjects, too, which I do because as torturous as it may be, I think it’s important. And seriously, anyone who’s watched even five minutes of The Three Stooges knows pain is funny.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and if that’s not a potential kick-off for pain I don’t know what is. Personally I love Valentines Day. What’s not to like? It’s pink and pretty and full of chocolate. But I’ve had some less than super fantastic ones. It can be a lonely day. It can be an eye-opener. But really it’s just another day with some extra social pressures attached. So enjoy it. Let the people you care about know you love them. And remember – its potential for comedy is boundless.


3 thoughts on “Ouch by mary elizabeth

  1. Kathleen Fain says:

    I have always appreciated your ability to see the humor in everything. That’s a welcome talent for some of us who can often take things a bit too seriously at times, thanks Mary!

  2. brett dix says:

    …love the attitude…”

  3. Lynne says:

    Mary: Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on a relationship. I think the world of you. We are expecting a heavy snow storm in Reno tonight. Please stay in touch. I think that your are the best person that Wes has had in his life for a long time.

    Mary, take care.


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